Five For Friday: June 9, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Gonna try a little something with this week’s edition of Five For Friday. For each release below, I’ll try and summarize what I think in three words, and then expound on the relevant themes. But if you’re in a TL:DR mood, you can just see if the three words entice you to listen.

Enjoy, cheers, thanks!

Aodon – Portraits

Supremely stormy serenity. Normally, I wouldn’t associate Willowtip Records with atmospheric black metal. But then again, Aodon doesn’t have trees on the cover. The “atmosphere” in this case is big, almost cinematic. And yet everything is still remarkably clear, making the major sonic threads easy to follow.

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The Arcane Order – Distortions from Cosmogony

Melodically morbid malevolence. Denmark’s The Arcane Order manages to weave melodic drama and grandeur into a supremely brutal sound. In some ways they remind me of the later work of Sweden’s Desultory. Definitely recommended if you like well-produced melodeath that flattens everything in its path.

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The Bleeding – Monokrator

Blasting burning barbarity. To be clear, this The Bleeding is the one from the UK that’s on Redefining Darkness Records. Also, it’s the one that totally slays. I’m sure the other ones are cool too, but these guys play absolutely ripping death-thrash.

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Godflesh – Purge

Intimidating industrial intensity. Godflesh fans are in luck this month, as the legendary British outfit graces the current cover of Decibel.

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Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught

Gruesome gory goodness. This is very much what detractors think of when asked about “death metal.” And that’s why it’s awesome. Torture Rack plays a super-raw variation of old-school death metal that keeps the fun turned up as loud as the amps. Also, there’s a song called “Fucked by Death.”

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