Surprise-Release! Doom Lords KHANATE Return with New LP on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl: Pre-Order NOW!

Surprise! Acclaimed experimental doomcasters Khanate are back in aktion after 14 years(!) with their astonishing fifth album To Be CruelDecibel has managed to get our clean hands on an exclusive edition, with only 200 copies available on “Black and White Insomnia” vinyl courtesy of Sacred Bones Records.

This three-track, 60-minute album was conceived pre-pandemic, completed in recent months and surprise-released digitally along with the bands entire back catalogue last night. Featuring Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))), the prolific James Plotkin on bass, as well as other members of O.L.D. and Blind Idiot God, this post-dread deluge on Decibel-exclusive vinyl will likely not make it through the night, so we recommend not to be caught sleeping and to pre-order immediately.

Set to hit shelves and mailboxes on June 30, this album is close enough to touch… Don’t be cruel to yourself and miss out on this one; capture your copy before release!