Full EP Stream: Maudiir’s Musical Soliloque

As the brainchild of Montréal-based multi-instrumentalist, Frédéric Bergeron, Maudiir is what one would expect and hope for from a one-man band. We originally introduced the project a couple years ago on the back of then-new EP, La Part du Diable here At that time, we classified the release “as a mix of early Metallica and Enslaved, Darkthrone, Diamond Head, Skeletonwitch, Martyrdöd, Skitsystem and Voivod.” That motley collection of influences remains close to the mark on new EP, Soliloque. However, a year down the line, it’s exciting to hear how much has been added to the Maudiir mix and Bergeron’s musical selfishness coming through hard and fast.

The five tracks on offer make expansive moves in the form of prominent prog rock melodies, blackened NWOBHM chord voicings, riffing that maul mid-period Mustaine, the excellent use of slide guitar on “CH4” and all sorts of neat references pulled from the ‘80s, like the stuffed-crotch soloing and bass work/tone that Billy Sheehan would be proud of. 

Today, we’re pleased as punch to offer up a stream of Soliloque so that all and sundry can experience the aural enjoyment of Bergeron’s synthesis of all of the above-mentioned disparate elements into one seamless whole. When asked about it, he responded by saying, “Soliloque is the blood, sweat and tears of a full year’s work. A lot of effort went into it and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Still trying new things and pushing my limits, always learning in the process. Maudiir is an endless discussion with myself, musically and lyrically; a great outlet for me to express what I want without boundaries.”

Soliloque is released tomorrow: For info, ordering, etc.: