Black/Death Benevolence: “From Dreams To Living Things”

Today we highlight an extremely extreme charity compilation from cult New York label Fiadh Productions. Back in 2011, Fiadh label-runner Bariann conceived of a music compilation originally created to benefit animal rescue. Over a decade later, From Dreams to Living Things unites some of the most exciting bands in the metal underground for a great cause. Decibel Magazine has the whole comp below, streaming before the April 7th release date.

From Dreams To Living Things features music from some Decibel favorites like Ashenspire, Fall of Rauros, Panopticon, and Yellow Eyes. But the entire compilation is an eclectic collection of dark music. It’s a true altruistic collaboration with 100% of the digital revenue being donated. The charity selected for those benefactions is Transform A Street Dog, a nonprofit that rescues and evacuates homeless animals in Kyiv. The organization evacuates strays and finds adoption homes worldwide. To bring the compilation full-circle, the artwork by Reuben Sawyer was originally commissioned ten years prior.

“This compilation was finally realized after seeing the vital work being done by Transform A Street Dog,” Bariann shares. “It is a nonprofit organization on the ground in Ukraine rescuing animals from an active warzone, treating them and providing medical care, and finding them foster and permanent homes worldwide. [Their] goal is the same as Fiadh’s: to make the world a safer and more compassionate place for animals, especially those in acute danger. This compilation is set at [Name Your Price] to encourage everyone to not only donate what they can if they’re able, but to check out the artists who volunteered to be a part of this incredible cause through their creativity and talent.”

Listen to the compilation below and learn more about this great cause.

Pre-order From Dreams To Living Things from Fiadh Productions on Bandcamp HERE

Learn more about Transform A Street Dog HERE