Video Premiere: Finality – “Revelation” (ft Battlecross members)

Iron Maiden made it work, so why can’t Michigan melodic thrashers Finality do the same? Utilize three guitarists, that is. Like Maiden (who coincidentally wrote a song called “Revelations” about 40 years ago) this new six-piece—Tony Asta (vocals), Hiran Deraniyagala (guitar), John Artuso (guitar), Joe Cady (guitar), Mike Heugel (bass), Dan Fayz (drums)—is loaded with firepower. But let’s end the comps there, because musically Finality have little in common with Maiden.

Asta and Deraniyagala were founding members of thrashers Battlecross, but Finality is a much different beast—smoother edges, more melodic, but still with plenty of punch. Their new video, featuring mostly performance footage shot in what looks like an old warehouse, captures Acta hucking beer bottles and smashing mirrors, so we’ve gotta think there’s a lot of bad luck coming his way. That aside, Finality make good use of their three guitar army on the track which features mucho soloing and an almighty wall of crunch.

The new album, Technocracy, was engineered and produced by Joe Cady and Tony Asta at Riff Kitchen Studios and XevKai Studios and is set for release on CD and digitally on May 5. Place your preorders here and grab your merch here.

Asta and Heugel had this to say about the track:

Tony Asta:

“I used to trap myself in the past while taking the current situation for granted. ‘Revelation’ is that sudden realization I have to let go of what I wish I could relive again. All I’ve ever needed is right here right now and I am eternally grateful.”

Mike Heugel:

“I think all six of us have a hint of sarcastic pride that comes from being just a bit fucked in the head. So it’s no surprise that Tony chose to put such a re-assuring lyrical message over such a deliberately uncomfortable piece of music.”