Blast Worship: Nonsanto

Where they from?
Wroclaw, Poland. I went to a Rangers/Flyers game last week and Wells Fargo was legitimately 70% Rangers fans. We were doing the Potvin Sucks chant and everything! I almost felt bad for Flyers fans, ALMOST. That just shows how far I’ve come with my compassion and humanity, that I almost felt bad for my fellow man when they had to watch their team lose in overtime. ALMOST.

Why the hype?
Full disclosure: I am the son of a Polish immigrant, so I always get a little excited when I discover a band from the motherland that I can write about. Poland has a rich grindcore heritage with bands like Dead Infection, Antigama and Suffering Mind all laying their mark on the international grindcore scene. Nonsanto, who I had not heard of before, keep that standard high, with some rather emotionally evocative grindcore of their own. Imagine a more melodic version of Needful Things that isn’t afraid to slow things down from time to time.

Latest Release?
Human Condition EP, NIC Records. I rarely pay attention to these things, but goddamn, do I absolutely love this album artwork. A sneering man having his skull removed, is there any better summation of everything wrong with the world right now? I almost feel bad for him, ALMOST! Also, the opening melodic line that plays from the intro into ‘Silent Scream’ is haunting as fuck.