WATCH: Jacob Bannon and Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath Breakdown the Until Your Heart Stops Cover Art

Recently, Boston legends and longtime Decibel faves Cave In announced special deluxe-edition reissues of their 1998 landmark debut Until Your Heart Stops, a record so dear to us that not that not only is it enshrined in the Decibel Hall of Fame but we commissioned the band to perform the full album at our 2021 L.A. edition of Metal & Beer Fest.

Remastered with the originally intended track sequence, and featuring over 80 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material that you will never actually listen to more than once, plus revised artwork with a lenticular print, pre-orders for this genre-defining record are live now at Relapse (the album is out March 31). Oh, and about that cover art; Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath recently sat down with Converge frontman and Until Your Heart Stops’ cover artist Jacob Bannon to discuss the process of assembling this iconic cover over 25 years ago. Watch below.