Blast Worship: THIN

Where they from?
New York, New York. Spring Training for baseball is upon us and all anyone is talking about is the goddamn pitch clock. Purists say it’s ruining the game and everyone else doesn’t seem to have an opinion on it because the only people who watch baseball nowadays are the hardcore purists who act like changing the rules of MLB is like adding a constitutional amendment. World Series prediction: Padres over Mariners.

Why the hype?
Well, well, well, what do we have here? In light of the recent Botch reunion tour (anyone got a spare ticket for Philly?) it seems that mathcore is making an honest-to-god comeback. But amongst the slew of reuniting bands are the newer bands like THIN, who I’ve followed for a few years but have really impressed me with this new album. Imagine Drugs of Faith, Unsane and Coalesce got into a massive cockfight and randomly the singer from Circle of Dead Children will show up to call out the end of the rounds. God, everything I do is a sports metaphor.

Latest Album?
Dusk, self-released. A truly wild ride, from the psychotic Dillinger-esque beatdown of “Foilage” to the shoegaze grind of “Liminal” all the way to album closer “Mangrove,” which ends exactly as you would think any math/grind opus should: sardonic, instrumental bluegrass. 10/10 for creativity, big time album of the year contender (and it’s only February!).