Video Premiere: Unaligned Open Up About Their “Occhiolism”

About a year ago, in a conversation with Origin frontman Jason Keyser, he made mention of a couple book ideas he had kicking around his brain. One of which had to do with his doing an exhaustive study of the paradoxical mystery of how and why death metal can possess some of the most complex and labyrinthine concepts and story lines — not to mention the work put into devising lyrics and themes — only to have them obscured by unintelligible vocals. It then struck me that the ongoing lack of love that many of us have directed towards promotional lyric videos might have been a hasty jumping of the gun.  The kids have shit to say and if you can’t get it (or the funds) together to lens a fully-fledged conceptional video rendering of your band’s latest single, why not open an easier door to your ideas for the public? 

In the case of Florida-based proggy, tech-y newcomers Unaligned, they want you to know what the heck is up when they titled the latest single from their debut EP, Inner Dimensions “Occhiolism.” Officially, the word’s definition is “the awareness of the smallness of your perspective, by which you couldn’t possibly draw any meaningful conclusions at all, about the world or the past or the complexities of culture.” When asked what their take on the obscure word is, the band described it as such: 

“‘Occhiolism’ to us, conceptually, is our awareness, in that we all subconsciously know we are being misled and deceived, yet [we] still tread the path of destruction in a world with seemingly endless potential and infinite possibility. Musically, ‘Occhiolism’ is the culmination of everything we hoped to achieve with our debut. We brought intensity, melody, dissonance and groove into an all-encompassing piece. We harnessed intense emotion into the track that comes from a very personal place with a goal to resonate with people who have experienced this sensation we call ‘Occhiolism.’”

Inner Dimensions was originally released digitally last April with physical copies only being available since last month. Also available from the band’s Bandcamp page is an instrumental version of the EP which, if a band is willing to make publicly available a version sans vocals and lyrics, has one to wonder a little less about the content and veracity of Keyser’s prospective tome.