Blast Worship: Abyssal Worm

Where they from?
Germany. So, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl [second time in five years
ed]. I know I’ve been working on my mental health a lot because I’m actually happy for them even though I am a fan of the lowly New York Jets [Last Super Bowl appearance, 1969—ed]. We celebrated yesterday bringing a leaf blower into my friend’s apartment and blowing it into our faces while listening to Tears For Fears. What a great time.

Why the hype?
I’ve always wanted to write about “war metal” since it covers similar territory to grind but the only problem was that a lot of the bands are uhhh, not necessarily ones I would want to publicly promote in any way, shape or form. Luckily I did my due diligence on Abyssal Worm over here and they very much check out as being thoroughly not sketchy. But worry not, it’s still supremely hateful and definitely has a more pronounced grind influence than some of their war metal brethren. And by that I mean they use a drum machine and the songs are pretty short!

Latest Release?
Kingdom of Decadence, self-released. This album is stylistically a nice little blend of early Napalm Death and bands like Blasphemy and Diocletian, alternating between crust-fueled blast beats and those sort of evil, swaggering Mayhem parts war metal is known for. And if you’re wondering, yes, the album does end with a song called “Supreme Antichrist”. How could it not?