Blast Worship: no_clip

Where they from?
Palmdale, California. Hey, isn’t that where Afroman is from? My friend once told me he went to an Afroman concert and he literally performed “Because I Got High” 20 times in a row without stopping. That is complete, unadulterated genius.

Why the hype?
Do you like grind? Do you like powerviolence? Do you like when the two are mixed together and then a bunch of weird samples are added on? Do you like it even more when there’s a lot of really abrupt starting and stopping like Yacopse? Are you even listening to me, young man? How many times have I told you to clean your goddamn room! Do you know what grief you are putting your mother and I through? WHERE’S THAT PLAYSTATION, I’M TAKING THE CONTROLLER!

Latest Release?
Backrooms, self-released. I really enjoyed that this band released this, their debut album, on Christmas Eve of last year. Like, what’s that coming down the chimney? A fat guy in a red suit? No bitch, some fucking RUTHLESS FASTCORE! I WAS GONNA CLEAN MY ROOM BUT THEN I GOT HIGH.