Full EP Premiere: Bad Wires – ‘Failed Fables’

In the crazy, mixed-up music world of the early ’90s when bands like Unsane, Melvins and Helmet found their way onto major labels, the ugly monstrosity that is AmRep-style noise rock was suddenly given a mainstream platform. And it didn’t go well. The music was fine, but there was clearly no appetite for the it outside of the underground. But, if Louisville, Kentucky trio Bad Wires are any indication, the underground still embraces the chaos. These dudes—Corey Cottrell (bass/vocals), Conner Johnson (guitar/vocals), Jerry Wilcox (drums/vibes)—make no bones about their love of punchy, staccato rhythms; fat, growly bass; atonal guitar slash; and distorted, shouted vocals. The outfit’s new four-song EP, featuring one new studio recording and three live cuts, could have come out three decades ago to great acclaim.

Of the four cuts on Failed Fables, two are new offerings, while two are taken from Bad Wires’ debut 2020 LP. The live material was recorded at the Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, and all songs were mixed by Ryan Boesch (Whores, Melvins) of Candor Recording. Failed Fables will be self released on CD and digitally on December 9. A vinyl release is planned to be bundled with another EP in the future. Place your preorder here.

Here’s what Corey Cottrell had to say about the new EP:

Failed Fables is the result of being amateur sociologists constantly on the verge of an existential crisis watching those who covet power play us all. With subjects ranging from unchecked police aggression, scapegoating through the lens of hyper-nationalism, the blasphemy of oneness, and social media warping our brains, Failed Fables is a neon light beckoning lovers of loud chaotic rock that has something to say. Showcasing our evolving relationship to the studio and ferocious musicianship as a live band, the EP is essentially a smart band beating its chest and letting it all out by combining the power of a good riff with the power of controlled chaos.”