Blast Worship: Another Way

Where they from?
Békés County, Hungary. I actually had the pleasure of playing Hungary this past summer and I did not realize that the country is actually spelled differently than the word “hungry,” which really shot to pieces all of my Hungry Hungry Hippos references. And let me tell you, if my ability to reference ’80s board games is taken away from me, well then I am just a very lost soul, which is what I am anyway, really.

Why the hype?
The internet (i.e. my YouTube recommendations page) has dubbed this band as playing “fastcore.” Personally, when I think of fastcore I think of bands that are essentially playing punk music as fast as all possible, the Hummingbird of Deaths and Threateners of the world. Though this band does have a strong influence, it feels way more anthemic and darkly melodic, making their music much more in line with Neocrust and, dare I say, black metal. Either way, this shit absolutely rips and is dripping with passion and mystique. Imagine if Tragedy got into a back alley zipper fight with Darkthrone but managed to keep an optimistic attitude through the whole thing.

Latest Release?
Csillagok Kutyalancon, self-released. Not only is this band Hungarian, but they sing in Hungarian! That’s the real deal right there! They probably FUCK in Hungarian for all we know! Everything about them is Hungarian EXCEPT their name, which sounds like one of those posi-hardcore bands that comes from Arizona every once in a while, but we won’t count that against them. Another Way are here to shove melodic blast beats and group vocals up your ass, and if you don’t like it, well then DON’T BREAK THE ICE. Remember that game from the ’90s where you weren’t supposed to break the ice? Remember? That’s clever, right?