Blast Worship: Ape Unit

Where they from?
Cuneo, Italy. I actually made the mistake of going to see the Jets get their asses smoked by the Bengals in person on Sunday. Does anyone at a football game actually watch the fucking game anymore? The two dudes who flew in from Cincinnati sitting in front of us missed the entire second and third quarter because they were getting drinks from the indoor bar at the upper level. You flew in from Ohio just to pay for $18 Jack-and-cokes in New Jersey? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! WATCH YOUR PITIFUL FRANCHISE BEAT MY PITIFUL FRANCHISE LIKE A GOD DAMN ADULT.

Why the hype?
Here is a band that I am honestly surprised isn’t from the U.K. Ape Unit’s music is so madcap bonkers I figured they has to be from Leeds, but nope. The Italian badboys bring some of the same cartoonish ferocity of bands like Afternoon Gentleman and Sulk but with an added layer of dissonant harmonization a la Germany’s ATKA and even at times Gridlink, though channeled through the lens of Tex Avery on acid. The band’s Bandcamp lists both Napalm Death and Arab on Radar as influences, so that should give you a pretty good idea of the insanity they bring to the plate.

Latest release?
Filth, self-released. Every inch of this thing is pure lunacy, right down to the colorfully violent artwork. What the band does really well is throw in random genres into the maelstrom such as Dad Rock at the end of ‘Blues: The Cool’ or funeral doom in the middle of ‘Casting Couch Surfing.’ This band clearly gives no fucks (like some certain Bengals fans I know). Check this the hell out if you are into surprising, challenging and curiously explosive music of any type.