EXCLUSIVE! Pre-Order WORM’s New LP ‘Bluenothing’ on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl RIGHT NOW!

Blackened doom-dealers Worm have slithered up from the sump to belch out Bluenothing, the mini-LP complement to last year’s much-lauded Foreverglade, and Decibel has managed to extricate our own special edition from the muck, limited to a mere 97 copies on “Swamp Green & Blue Ooze” merged color vinyl!

Featuring colossal cover art from Brad Moore (Tomb Mold, Morpheus Descends, Organic Infest), our special Decibel edition comes housed in a foil-stamped LP jacket with additional metallic ink accents throughout, and comes complete with a massive 24-inch x 36-inch poster plus insert.

Mixed and mastered by Stevie D at Soundlab, and featuring the sequel to “Centuries of Ooze” from the fabled Foreverglade sessions on the A side, Bluenothing provides a devastating denouement to Worm’s current chapter, while blowing the bog wide open for what is to come next.

Nothing lasts forever, secure your copy quickly before it rescinds into the abyss!

NOTE: This is a preorder that is due to be released around October 28, 2022. All details, including release date, are subject to change.