Apeiron Bound Get Multiplicitous with a Stream/Visualizer of Multiplicity

Those of you of a certain age might remember Metal Blade’s early ‘90s “brain metal” campaign that celebrated the release of albums by the likes of Atheist, Thought Industry, Tourniquet and Anacrusis. These landed around the same time as the venerable label also issued the first couple of Galactic Cowboys records and were already five or six albums deep into representing Fates Warning. I realize the two previous sentences just lobbed out a motley crew of diverse bands with little in common outside of their music going in Brian Slagel’s one ear and out whatever manufacturing plant handled Metal Blade’s CDs back in the day. 

Understand that I’m not lobbying for Florida’s Apeiron Bound to join the Metal Blade family (or am I?), but there are more than a few moments on their debut full-length, Multiplicity, that bring to mind the complexity and melody of those featured in those old print advertisements as well as heaping helpings of Fates Warning’s song writing stylistics and progressive bent. Or maybe the whole thing reminds of Between the Buried and Me? Why don’t you take Multiplicity for a whirl yourself and see what it says to you? Funnily enough, you can do so right now via visualizer/stream of the album located below. Take some time with it and draw your own conclusions/comparisons. 

When we asked the band to adorn their new record with peacock feathers, which is set for official release tomorrow, they had this to say:

“After four years of blood, sweat, tears and the never ending roller coaster that are personal and global life circumstances, we’re proud to present you our very first record, Multiplicity. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with this body of work from the dynamic musical elements to the storytelling visuals that focus on serving the song. As huge music fans ourselves, we want this record to stand the test of time in a way that does justice not only for us, but for the listener coming into this material. Whether you’re a devout music listener or a casual consumer, there’s a little bit of everything for all to ingest. We’re honored to have such a reputable music magazine giant such as Decibel showcasing the premiere of our record along with the artwork visuals created by the talented Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media). We hope everyone enjoys what they see and hear. We look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.”

Multiplicity is out tomorrow. Info and ordering at: