Video Premiere: Out of Nowhere – “Dying Sun”

You can’t really question a band’s dedication to metal, if in order to pursue their musical passions/dreams, they leave everything in their lives behind and immigrate to another country. That’s the story that Iranian quintet Out of Nowhere—Amin Yahyazadeh (vocals), Ali Mostanbet (guitars), Kasra Jafarzadeh (guitars), Hamid Shahcheraghi (bass), Soroosh Kheradmand (drums)—tell in the video for their new track, “Dying Sun.” The song is the first new music the band has recorded since pulling up stakes in Mashhad, Iran and moving to Turkey, and it chronicles both their literal journey as well as their musical journey over the years.

The track was produced by Hossein Amjad, mixed and mastered by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studios, and the video was made by Darken Rush. You can presave the track on Spotify here.  It will be available on all platforms on August 9

Here’s what the band had to say about the new video and song:

“The song ‘Dying Sun’ is closely tied to our immigration, which was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. We had to leave our homes, families, jobs, and friends to pursue what we’ve worked hard for years, because there was no room for progress for us in Iran. When we arrived in Turkey, we had to go through a hard process to achieve a decent standard of living, which was one of the hardest times for our band. We intended to release new music sooner, but the immigration process didn’t let us do things on schedule. But thankfully, we managed to move through these issues.

“This song is the chapter in our band’s personal diary, about not letting go of our dreams in the face of adversity and working hard for the things we all believe in while also accepting the risks. I hope that ‘Dying Sun’ will help anyone in a similar situation endure and keep pushing to achieve what they believe in. We chose the name ‘Dying Sun’ because we are all like suns that move closer to their end each day, but we also try to keep shining despite that.”