First Annual Barely Breathing Fest Set to Devastate Long Island

As any astute New Yorker will tell you, Long Island is a place you absolutely never want to go. When an entire geographic section of one of the world’s greatest cities can only claim Dennis Potvin and Snookie as its two great cultural exports, you know there is a problem.

However, the first annual Barely Breathing fest to be held this weekend in Bethpage offers the rare excuse to visit eastward of Manhattan. Featuring such Blast Worship luminaries as Deliriant Nerve, Holy Grinder, Moisturizer and the almighty Sulfuric Cautery, Barely Breathing can provide that festival kick some of us need until the next Metal & Beer Fest in December.

The event is being organized by Baby Chico Records in conjunction with Syrup Head Recordings and the 48th Cut.

*Full lineup subject to change :

  • Anal Birth (First & Only Show!)
  • Blemish
  • Charcuterie
  • Deliriant Nerve
  • First Days Of Humanity
  • Holy Grinder
  • Human Pancake
  • Kidnapped
  • Maggot Vomit Afterbirth
  • Malignant Hypothermia
  • Mental Abortion
  • Moisturizer
  • Schmuck
  • Sulfuric Cautery
  • Totally Tubular

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