EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Order SUMERLANDS’ New LP ‘Dreamkiller’ on Decibel’s Exclusive Vinyl Color RIGHT NOW!

Philly heavy metal super crew Sumerlands are sounding the alarm with their highly anticipated new LP Dreamkiller, and Decibel has obtained our own exclusive edition on vibrant Bluejay-colored vinyl, limited to just 100 copies!

Touting critically-acclaimed producer Arthur Rizk (Kreator, Power Trip, Sacred Reich) alongside Joltin’ John Powers on ax duties (strats only!), Dreamkiller sees our hometown heroes bolstered by brand new vocalist Brendan Radigan (Magic Circle, Stone Dagger) to round out this motley crew of metal melodia. Recorded in the city of brotherly love (and crime) at the renowned Redwood Studios, our Decibel edition of Dreamkiller comes accompanied by a double-sided insert and is the surefire solo-drenched stimulant you need to rouse you from the waking nightmare of existence. Keep the dream alive, order your copy today!