Full Album Stream: Consecration – ‘Cinis’

Consecration, 2020 © Tina Korhonen, 2020. All rights reserved

UK quintet Consecration are as cold, gray and gloomy as an English winter. These deathly doom merchants—Daniel Bollans (vocals), Shane Amies (bass), Liam Houseago (guitar), Andy Matthews (guitar), Jorge Figueiredo (drums/percussion)—plumb the depths of musical misery on Cinis, their third full-length and first for Redefining Darkeness as only the Brits can. Ponderous, epic-length tracks are flourished with melancholy guitar melodies, and Bollans’ deep growls add an oppressiveness to the proceedings. Tempos are mostly glacial, dotted occasionally by well-placed blasts. Benediction vocalist Dave Ingram is even featured on “Ground to Ashes (A Cremulation).”

Cinis, which means “cold ashes” in Latin, was recorded and mixed by Raoul Crane and Consecration at Blaze Studios in Norfolk, England and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios. Vocalist Bollans, in addition to penning all the lyrics, created the cover artwork. The album is set for release June 17 via Redefining Darkness Records and will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally. You can place your preorder here.

Here’s what Bollans had to say about the new record:

Cinis is a stark and brutal album, blending the core elements of our sound with some fresh new ideas which all developed and came together very naturally. I think it perfectly shows where we are now as a band. The title Cinis, taken from Latin, means spent love, ashes, embers and ruin—all of which which embody the different tracks on this album. We feel that this is our strongest effort to date, incorporating old school death, our more familiar death/doom, topped off with some rather haunting melodies and emotive lead work. The artwork I created encompasses all of the ideas running through the album, and I think it is a great statement as to what you can expect from the music.”