Mathcore Index Reveals Festival Lineup for 2022 Edition

Do you enjoy unusual time signatures and live in the midwest of the United States? Well boy howdy, do I have some good news for you! The fourth annual Mathcore Index fest will be held in Chicago’s Beat Kitchen on the weekend of July 9 and will feature such genre stalwarts as gif. from god, Black Matter Device, Frail Body, fallfiftyfeet and more.

Mathcore Index was created in 2009 as a digital media platform to help promote any and all heavy bands who use a calculator and the pythagorean theorem when writing their music. Prior to the monumental rise of social media, the group mostly operated through their collection of compilations The Apparatus before turning their focus more to social media, helping promote up-and-coming bands in the scene. The group started the annual festival in 2018, which has featured genre superstars such as See You Space Cowboy and the almighty Car Bomb.

The group publishes a monthly podcast ‘The Mathcast’ which focuses on all things mathcore and other adjacent genres.

Tickets for the festival are available now: 

Day 1 tickets 

Day 2 tickets