Full Album Stream: Void Wraith – II

Under the pitch-black cloak of anonymity, Void Wrath have woven fiery riffs and intense drumming for the past 8 years in the Pacific Northwest underground. Beginning with Ø, the Seattle-based black metal five-piece made their presence immediately known, their mission abundantly clear. With zero intention of adhering to trends or expectations, they were here for our souls and our skulls alike. Void Wraith’s debut EP was a swift and bloody attack, bursting full of potential and vitriol. But it would be another five years before the band released I, their debut’s follow up.

Now, only three years since the maniacal and darkly layered I, Void Wraith are poised to let loose their latest recording. Out this Friday, May 13th on pro-tape and 12” vinyl from American Decline Records, II was recorded, mixed and mastered by audio engineer extraordinaire Detto at Sentinel Studio in Seattle, WA. II witnesses Void Wraith wield some their sharpest and deadliest riffs and most sadistic compositions yet. More ferocity, less mercy, II is pure USBM annihilation.

Preorder II from American Decline Records.