Blast Worship: Whoresnation

Where they from?
Besancon, France. Besancon is considered one of the national capitals for watchmaking in France. How exactly does a town become a watchmaking capital? Does time flow better there than it does in other places? I am going to write this shit down and mail it to Jerry Seinfeld because these seem like questions he would agree were valid?

Why the hype?
I have loved Whoresnation for several years now. Between their rather stellar 2018 full-length Mephitism and their other-worldly performance at Chimpy Fest in 2019 (I swear it’s a real thing!) this band has consistently blown me away for the past four years and is pretty much my go-to for exceptional modern grindcore. I at first primarily thought of them simply as “French Insect Warfare,” but after studying their music pretty religiously for the past few years I can safely say there is a lot more to them than that, lying mostly in the twisted, discordant arpeggio’s of guitarist Lopin’s work, which simultaneously balance dark, dystopian emotions with relentless, end-of-the-world punk precision.

Latest Release?
Dearth, out now on Lixiviat Records. I know this record is good because I’ve only listened to it 7,000 times since last Thursday. The Whore boys definitely added a fair amount of death metal heft since Mephitism, adding a decent helping more punishing grooves and circle pit riffs, as well as adding depth to both the snare and guitar tone. The result is something pretty special, even in the context of what is shaping up to be one of the most powerful years for grindcore in a long time. Do yourself a favor and set your watch to grind, motherfucker.