Blast Worship: BowelFuck

Where they from?
Prague, Czech Republic. I just told my girlfriend the name of this band and she seemed bemused. Then I played her some of their music and she actually got down with it. The family that goregrinds together, stays together apparently.

Why the hype?
The interesting thing about BowelFuck is that they actually started off as one of those European-style “Oompa” goregrind bands, which are basically all groove but with no blasts. That sound is fine when it’s done well; Cock and Ball Torture made an entire career out of it. But those bands are nowadays a dime a dozen and tend to flood YouTube with a bunch of underwhelming mid-tier releases.

This band did something interesting though in that THEY ACTUALLY STARTED PLAYING GRIND. The result is something much closer to the likes of Rotten Sound and Nasum than, say, Rompeprop but with the occasional Slipknot riff and the results are quite spectacular. It’s pretty rare to hear a band handle the groove and grind portions of this music so well, but it’s 2022 and anything can happen, baby.

Latest Release?
Appetite Comes With Killing, self-released. I rarely ever take album art into consideration when writing these things (what purpose does it serve if I’m just streaming this shit?) but I gotta ask: Why does the giant insect killing people on the cover have a perfect pair of female breasts? Is it a statement on Mother Nature reclaiming her planet from the human hordes who have defiled it? Or is it just like, you know, tiddies? I MUST KNOW!