Full Album Premiere: Armory – ‘Mercurion’


There’s something in the air with Sweden’s Armory. That something is speed fucking metal! The Gothenburg-based quintet (featuring members of blackened thrashers Tyrannosatan) are readying to attack via their third full-length Mercurion (Dying Victims Productions). Armory formed in 2012, unleashing their debut album World Peace… Cosmic War in 2016 and follow-up The Search (both through High Roller) in 2018, with the two full-lengths earning accolades from underground press citing the band’s continuation of the sound that Deathrow, Savage Grace, and Agent Steel parlayed.

Now, Armory are back! High energy and vicious, the group’s new album, Mercurion, sets the standards for contemporary speed metal, holding up and building on the invincible fort that Ranger, Enforcer, and Vulture are occupying. This is a full-on assault of the speed metal senses. Vocalist Petrus Andersson has flashes of Mustaine (Megadeath), Cyriis (Agent Steel), and Bergmann (Living Death), while his two-forked axemen in Niclas Ingelman and Gustav Sundin revive the ’80s with heart and spirit. Sci-Fi themed tracks like “Deep Space Encounter,” “Wormhole Escape,” and “The Hunters from Beyond” tell Armory’s tale of fast (as a shark) metal, and it’s only white Reebok high tops, denim jackets, and well-read issues of Astounding Stories from there.

Say Armory: “You are about to hear the tale of the grandest space-faring vessel ever built by humankind. It’s a tale of hope and sublimity and the boundless achievements of a united human race. But it is also a tale of despair and horror and grand dreams turned into nightmare. This is the tale of Mercurion.”

Raise your lazer-gun high with Armory’s Mercurion! Blast off…

** Armory’s new album, Mercurion, is out April 22nd on Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions. LP and CD are available NOW (HERE). Join Armory’s speed metal revolution today!