Album Premiere: Viogression – ‘3rd Stage of Decay’

Viogression - 3rd Stage of Decay

It has been three decades since Wisconsin death dealers Viogression released a full-length album. A lot of time has passed since Passage, and the member lineup no longer resembles that album. But Brian DeNeffe’s reverberating rasp returns on the aptly titled third Viogression full-length, 3rd Stage of Decay. The album is a co-release between Satanath Records with Moribund Records, Murdher Records, Pest Records and Dark United Media. The album officially crawls from the grave on April 17th. But Decibel Magazine made a pact with our vein nectar to stream it early for you maniacs.

After an instrumental interlude that could have crept out of 1992, Viogression launch into their old school assault. Fueled by the riff arsenal of Matt Holtz, 3rd Stage of Decay reflects a band with numerous ways to inflict harm. There’s the propulsion of chaotic death/thrash. An ear for dynamics from engineer/mixer Chris Djuricic that illuminates Jason Hellman’s bass tone. The mastering from Dave Otero is like a casket’s final polish. This isn’t an album that is satisfied just brawling in the muck. The compositions thoughtfully balance melody and malice. The solos sizzle like roadkill on a hot highway. Just like the artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak keeps your eyes busy, this album is a truly engaging listen. Recommended for disciples of Obituary and Cancer who aren’t turned off by the experimental leanings of Atheist.

Follow Viogression’s blood-stained path and press play below.

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