Blast Worship: Genestealer

Where they from?
San Diego, California. I hate April here on the east coast, it’s the one month where I finally get pissed off at the cold weather. The frigid blasts of January and February makes sense because it’s supposed to be cold those months, but you telling me it’s gonna be 45 degrees on Easter? Go fuck yourself. Of course they never have to worry about that sort of thing in SAN FUCKING DIEGO.

Why the hype?
I need to address the elephant in the room and point out that this band’s moniker very prominently features my first name in it. It really is such an honor to have band’s pay tribute and I wish more grindcore bands did that (Gene Destroyer, Genesect Warfare, Discordance Gene, etc.)

But also, this band rules. Imagine the NorCal warehouse grind bands like Fiend and Recalcitrant but with a little more emphasis on dynamics rather than pure concrete wallop and you’ve got this band. It’s pretty refreshing to hear an American band who understand the core tenets of grind but also understand how to not make that shit BORING AS FUCK. We like riffs around here; they are KING.

Latest Release?
Population=Food. Seriously though, this band really excels at memorable mid-paced riffs between all the frenetic blasting and d-beats that are also somehow as heavy AND melodic as possible. “Synaptic Cult,” “Blistered Consciousness” and album closer “Chestburst” all feature some very prominent and memorable sewer punk riffage that is just as haunting as it is eviscerating. My only criticism is they didn’t incorporate my name into the album title (“Population=Gene” would have been my suggestion).