Track Premiere: Assumption – “Submerged by Hadean Tides”

Assumption album cover

Formed in 2011, Italian death/doom project Assumption is a cosmic curiosity. In a genre replete with plodding clones, Assumption embody creativity  and compositional strength. Instead of dragging the genre deeper into the sewers, the band ascended to outer space on their The Three Appearances EP (2014). With heady themes and a sinister psychedelic flare, Absconditus (2018) further delivered on that promise. Now we find ourselves at the haunted shores of the band’s upcoming masterpiece Hadean Tides. The album will be released by Everlasting Spew, with Sentient Ruin handling the vinyl distro in the United States. Thanks to those labels, Decibel Magazine is eager to share the album’s first single “Submerged by Hadean Tides.” Assumption will alter our DNA when they release the full album on May 20th.

“Submerged by Hadean Tides” begins with an ominous hush of synths and cymbals. When Claudio Troise’s bass rumbles into the mix it’s a harbinger of heaviness to come. The song slithers through shimmering passages before diving into a murky lurch. At 3:23, Assumption rumbles into a new groove before guitar solos light up the track like lethal solar flares. But Assumption aren’t just a slug-it-out, slow ‘n’ low death metal band clinging to doomy tempos. When they hit a sprint with blastbeats they’re just as devastating as when they’re chewing on a thick riff.

Like the amazing cover painting from Mariya Popyk, Hadean Tides is comprised of shadows and lava-hot bursts of ferocity. The brilliant mixing from Manueke Marani and mastering from Xavier Berthiaume help achieve that balance. In their hands, Giorgio Trombino’s growl sounds like a cosmic force. This track is a fantastic glimpse into the album’s power. Hadean Tides is the type of album that feels like stepping into a parallel dimension where oceans are full of fire. Drown in the flames and press play below.


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