Rebirth Part 2: Reactivated Skarhead Takes New “Defiance” On the Road

Legendary NYHC mainstay Danny Diablo slays at the social media age — remember when he called Trapt a “WACK ALIEN ANT FARM” and then shut that dude up permanently on behalf of Ice T and Power Trip?! — but he’s also revving up the music machine again with the first new single in more than a decade from Skarhead, a tour next week to follow, and then opening up the imminent Sick of it All/Agnostic Front tour with his other classic band, Crown of Thornz. (The Thornz Train Yard Blues EP of the latter is seriously under-appreciated — one of the most forward-thinking, powerful hardcore releases to ever come out of that storied NYHC scene.)

Anyway, Diablo is promising to document all of this via various online channels, so check out the new single below, follow the man on Instagram and Twitter, and preorder the upcoming Generators of Violence here.