Blast Worship: Fake Dust

Where they from? Portland, Oregon.
Did you know that Portland, Oregon is named after Portland, Maine? Honestly, how fucking lazy is that? Like you couldn’t even call it ‘New Portland’? Is that what we’ve become, so nestled in our cocoon of consumerism and conformity that we can’t even rock the boat when we name a fucking city anymore? Hey but after further research, I learned that nudity is protected under free speech in the Portland metropolitan area. OK, I take everything back.

Why the hype?
Wow, I honestly can’t remember the last time a debut DEMO made a splash like this. The Bandcamp link to this thing was all over my social media feeds last week, and for good reason! This shit is (announcer voice) INSANNNNNNNNNNE. It’s been a while since someone attempted that berserk Midwest powerviolence/grind combo in the vein of Mellow Harsher and Throat Slitter, but by George, these Portlanders do! Another victory for free speech (and nudity).

Latest Release?
DEMO, self-released, all-caps. I think what sets this band apart from Mellow Harsher is the presence of thee bass guitar. Bass is a difficult instrument to utilize effectively for this kind of music, but the band does it really well, really adding a certain heft to the musical violence rather than muddying it. The vocals are also quite stellar, and by George, does that snare get punished here. Another victory, PORTLANDS OF THE WORLD UNITE!