Full EP Premiere: Sickbay – “Brutal Existence”

With a moniker like Sickbay, this Hudson Valley, NY DM trio—bassist/vocalist Tom Peluso,  guitarist Jim Sinon and drummer Joe Merando—is certainly tapping into the current plague-y zeitgeist. That said, the band apparently pre-dates the current situation by a good 20 years, having initially formed in 2000. So, yeah, 2021 is definitely a perfect time for Sickbay to release their first label-issued four-track EP, Brutal Existence.

Brutal Existence, out tomorrow, February 18 on Redefining Darkness Records, is a largely grinding death metal effort, with definite flashes of hardcore and songs that barely go past the three-minute mark. It’s an ugly, crushing wall of misanthropic rage with nausea-inducing vocals in a tidy 15-minute package.

Here’s what the band had to say about their pandemic-recorded EP:

Brutal Existence is a short burst of hatred inspired by 80% of the population, particularly in today’s climate. This collection of songs is aimed at all of the pretentious, ignorant, self-entitled folks who think they know better than everyone else. It’s dedicated to those people and to everyone who has either doubted us, put us down, or stood in our way—more than 20 years later we are still here and still making the music we love.”

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