Full Album Stream: Cryptic Hatred – ‘Nocturnal Sickness’

Out tomorrow on The Other Records, a Finnish label co-owned by Jason Netherton, Cryptic Hatred’s debut full-length Nocturnal Sickness is ten tracks of masterfully brutal death metal. Formed in 2019, when most of the members were only 16, Cryptic Hatred nonetheless sound like they’ve been honing their death metal skills together for at least a decade. After Free from the Grave, their 2020 demo tape, was reissued by the likes of Desert Wastelands Productions, Camo Pants Records and on CD by The Other, Cryptic Hatred released a series of singles leading up to their debut full-length.

“We are so stoked to finally get our debut album out!” writes Eemil Lajoma, Cryptic Hatred’s guitarist/vocalist. “We hope all the US death metal freaks out there enjoy it!! Hopefully we will see you all someday. We feel that the album gives a good example of what our band is about. Brutal drumming, fierce riffs and sickening harmonies shaping up the Cryptic Hatred sound.”

Complete with mind-inflaming artwork by the man himself Paolo Girardi, Cryptic Hatred’s Nocturnal Sickness is one for the year-end lists as well as the history books. Truly, the future of death metal is here and thankfully it’s brutal and callous and completely unaltered. 

Nocturnal Sickness

Europeans, get Nocturnal Sickness on CD and pro-tape from The Other tomorrow.

Americans, get Nocturnal Sickness on CD and pro-tape from Desert Wastelands.