Blast Worship – Bodyrot

Where they from?
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, North America, Earth. Wow, the Rams won the Super Bowl. I’m sure all 17 of their fans are just delighted. Normally I’d just post how many days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training but the MLB is currently emblazoned in a dumpster fire of a labor dispute, so, uh, watch the Olympics, I guess?

Why the hype?
Man, it’s been a while since I covered an honest-to-god crust-influenced grindcore band. Yeah, baby, that’s right; we got tritones; we got D-beats, we got songs about veganism (presumably?). Bodyrot really remind of that wave of bands that came out of Northern California in the mid 2010’s like Recalcitrant and Your Enemy, bands that sounded like they just drenched every instrument in crusty sewage from Oakland potholes (pre-gentrification) and then did their best Excruciating Terror impression. Ah, god, remember the mid-2010s? Such a wacky time.

Latest Release?
Fleshworks from January 2022. Another key component off these crust bands is they always absolutely BRING IT in terms of the death growls. I mean just listen to how they really propel along “To the Bog” in only the most nightmarish ways imaginable. Sounds like they went dumpster diving and drank every half-empty Gatorade they could find.