Blast Worship – Syntax

Where they from?
Los Angeles, California. Oh boy, it’s Super Bowl week and the L.A. Rams will take on the cinderella Cincinnati Bengals. I feel like the Rams are a better team with an elite pass rush between Aaron Donald and Von Miller, but Cincy allowed nine sacks against the Titans and still somehow managed to win that game. I’ve beet against them and lost every week of the playoffs this year so I refuse to do that again. Pick: Bengals 27 Rams 20.

Why the hype?
I have loved this band for so long that I can’t believe this is their first Blast Worship entry. Since releasing p their legendary 2009 demo on Grindcore Karaoke, this trio has essentially held firm it’s place as one of the most consistently creative and boundary-pushing units in the United States, if not the world at large. Their music is largely a mix of screamo combined with the more expressive parts of the Discordance Axis/Gridlink to create something that is always stunning and darkly majestic. Every year whatever release they put out usually ends up on my top ten list.

Latest Release?
Sacthu/Syntax Split EP out now on Nerve Altar. Just magnificent. The band has added a certain nimbleness on their past few albums that basically makes their music sound like if Saetia played blast beats and had on Jon Chang as their vocalist. There are so many amazing parts packed into the four songs, but my favorite definitely is “Orbitals,” which manages to channel a surreal plethora of emotions, from rage, introspection and starry-eyed wonder, into its dense minute and 52-second run time. Ignore at your own peril.