Track Premiere: Kenn Nardi — “Masquerade”


This wild, swashbuckling second solo offering of epic heavy-fucking-metal courtesy Kenn Nardi — guitarist/vocalist of recently reactivated underground thrash-prog legend Anacrusis — has flown waaaay too far below the radar. Imagine Trauma as the fun, vivifying grounds upon which a thousand great thrash riffs meet to do friendly battle with sweeping orchestral atmospherics.

“For this album, I wanted to take the ideas and vision from Dancing With the Past and try to streamline that with more of a focus on melody straightforward songwriting,” Nardi tells Decibel. “In many ways Trauma is probably closer to the album many Anacrusis fans were hoping for last time.”

Check out an exclusive stream of one of the tracks below and pick up a copy of the 75 minute opus here.