Blast Worship: Expression of Pain

Where they from?
The always outstanding Blast Addict, who released Expression of Pain‘s latest, is based out of Los Angeles according to their Bandcamp. But after doing some research I found out that this band is from Squamish, a small principality in Canada’s British Columbia.

Why the hype?
I discovered this release early last week and it was one of those rare situations where I was just immediately blown away. This band packs such a sludgy, crusty and grimy wallop that the only reference point I could think of was Fresno’s Fiend, who despite dominating the mid-2010s with their punishing grind assault, haven’t released anything since 2016. Both bands really scratch a certain itch that’s difficult to describe. I want grindcore bands (at least certain ones) to be pummeling and ignorant without trying too hard. I want them to be vicious and militant but I want the animosity to be authentic, and Expression of Pain seemed to have totally mastered that artistic approach.

Latest release?
Expression of Pain out on the aforementioned Blast Addict. The drummer of this band, Graham Green, recently passed away and, from what I understand, was not only an excellent musician but an exemplary member of the grindcore community both north of the border and here in the United States. This album is a part of an unreleased discography of his that will be slowly released to the public through Blast Addict over the next few months. Being a drummer of any type is hard, but the gauntlet one faces when manning the skins for a grindcore unit can be insurmountable at times, and so I think it’s important to acknowledge a musical element that can often be taken for granted among extreme metal audiences. Graham totally annihilates his instrument here, nailing every note with a precision and power that adds to the previously mentioned impact of the music. Blast on, my friend.