Full EP Premiere: Apes – “Lullabies For Eternal Sleep”

Hush little baby, don’t say a word, ’cause Apes are gonna traumatize the bejeezus out of you with their upcoming four-track EP, Lullabies For Eternal Sleep. Hard to say what the most unsettling part of this beastly quartet of songs might be: the turbid dronescapes (courtesy of Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker) that both connect songs and lurk in the background; the three drop-tuned guitar onslaught that rages from black metal dissonance to grindcore punishment; or the rotten guttural vocals of Alexandre Goulet who sounds as though he plans to reign hell down on each and every one of us.

Lullabies For Eternal Sleep will be Apes’ first release for Translation Loss and a follow-up to their 2017 debut, Lightless. The Quebec sextet—vocalist Goulet; guitarists Patrick Cloutier, Louis Ladouceur and Simon Olivier; bassist William Lapointe and drummer Gabriel D’Amours—recorded it with Raphaël Malenfant at Broil Audio last February and it was mixed and mastered by Fit For an Autopsy guitarist Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio.

The EP is set for release Friday, January 7, on on all digital platforms and on two vinyl variants (12-inch LP with B-side etching), and can be preordered here.

Here’s what drummer Gabriel D’Amours had to say about the new EP:

“We are very excited to release what we think is our most brutal and best material yet. We wrote and recorded the EP during a complete pandemic lockdown, so the whole process was quite secluded and a bit unusual. In spite of this, our motivation and energy were very high, as you can hear on the record. We’re grateful for many great collaborations in the making of this recording. Our long-time collaborator Raphaël Malenfant engineered the record; our friend Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell) glued the whole thing together with distressing drone sounds; and Will Putney delivered a powerful and punishing mix. This recording undoubtedly takes everything up a notch for Apes, and we could not be happier with the results.”