Third World Posse Deals Out Fascinating Metallica-Inspired Artwork

Everyone know that when we read a book, it creates an image in our minds, akin to a movie generated by our imagination. Likewise, a song can project a variety of images as the notes careen through our eardrums and into our synapses. One artist has decided to share his particular visions inspired by classic Metallica songs. Colombian painter Felipe Mora has teamed up with Third World Posse to create the second installment of Dealing Out The Agony, this time focused on Ride the Lightning. Third World Posse describes itself as “a collective of visual artists from developing countries have arrived to deliver a healthy dose of heavy metal philanthropy,” and previously produced Mora’s work derived from Kill ‘Em All.

According to Third World Posse’ IndieGogo page, “Like the first release, 60% of all profits will be donated to the Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children dealing with cancer in Colombia.” Additionally, “The first 100 sold will contain a bonus hand numbered, signed print.” Apparently the packaging itself resembles that of a vinyl record, which is also a nice touch.

Metallica’s stellar early albums have been written about, analyzed, over-analyzed and discussed to the point at which it’s hard to add any new dimension to it. This series of visual representations gives us a new angle to approach the music. It helps that their all so highly detailed and evocative on their own. The most compelling aspect may be to compare and contrast Mora’s vision with what you had in mind. My vision of “Creeping Death” was probably more akin to The Ten Commandments or The Greatest Story Ever Told, so it’s cool to see someone go in a WAY more brutal direction.

Check out Third World Posse’s Instagram page to see what they did with Kill ‘Em All as well (“Jump in the Fire” and “Phantom Lord” are both pretty rad). The campaign itself has 22 days left, so head on over there to support a good cause and get a hold of some sweet heavy metal art! I can’t wait to see what bands and artists they’ll tackle next, though my personal wish list is extensive.