Portrayal of Guilt Premiere New Single, “Chamber of Misery Pt. III,” via the Decibel Flexi Series!

It’s increasingly difficult to write about Austin black metal-influenced soul-immolators Portrayal of Guilt without using the word “prolific.” But when you manage to release not one, but two full-length LPs in a calendar year, the second of which, Christfucker, was just released a few weeks ago, it’s difficult to ignore such tremendous output. Now before we can catch our breath, PoG have somehow managed to record an exclusive new track, “Chamber of Misery Pt. III,” for the Decibel Flexi Series, and guess what? It also crushes!

You can hear the 133rd entry in our vaunted flexi series below and then head off to the dB store where we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the Portrayal of Guilt flexi available. Miss out, and you’ll never forgive yourself!