Album Premiere: Swamp Coffin – ‘Noose Almighty’

Swamp Coffin band photo by Ellen Rhodes
Photo Credit: Ellen Rhodes

Rotherham-based sludge trio Swamp Coffin formed in 2016, and have been polluting the UK with darkness ever since. For the band’s debut LP, they returned to engineer Owen Claxton of Top Floor Audioworks. Claxton helped shape the band’s Flatcap Bastard Features. But Swamp Coffin’s new album Noose Almighty is an even filthier beast. Part NOLA sludge, part Conan’s pummeling doom. Add a muscular flex of hardcore from the hotbed of Sheffield and Leeds. I hope you’re a glutton for punishment, because Decibel Magazine has access to the album a few days early. Listen to the exclusive stream before the album’s November 26th release date from APF Records.

Despite the bleak-as-fuck themes, the album boasts vitality. Noose Almighty isn’t party sludge, and it doesn’t exactly smile its way to the grave. Think more like the glum sense of humor of The Abominable Iron Sloth. In “Barbarian Windsor,” drummer Dave Wistow creates sledgehammer rhythms with bassist Martyn White. Meanwhile, vocalist/guitarist Jon Rhodes leads the trio from heroic riffs to tar-pit breakdowns. The album’s title track is an explosion of raw-hearted catharsis. “Knuckledragger” earns the song name with a primordial groove. Closing track “Welcome to Rot” is the record’s longest song. Like Black Sabbath warped by hardcore and contemporary cynicism, it’s a haunting conclusion.

“After what feels like an eternity,” begins vocalist/guitarist Jon Rhodes, “it’s an amazing feeling to finally have Noose Almighty out in the wild. We once described it’s predecessor Flatcap Bastard Features as a horrible little twat of a baby. By that same standard, Noose Almighty is a nasty biting toddler that will happily wake you up by sticking both it’s thumbs in your eyes. The whole album is bigger and more vicious, and it’s a hugely cathartic record for us. We’re incredibly proud of it, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Bastard Club for life.”

Join the Bastard Club and stream Noose Almighty below.

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