Video Premiere: Cave Bastard – “Anti-Vaxxtermination”

Talk about making a statement on a hot-button issue. San Diego progressive death quartet, Cave Bastard, are building excitement/stirring up controversy for their new album, Wrath of the Bastard, with a startling new video for the track “Anti-Vaxxtermination.” The band’s second full length is set for release on Antrum Records on November 12 (pre-order here), and this track will surely be a polarizing one, as it’s pretty clear by watching the video where Cave Bastard stand regarding vaccines.

According to a statement offered by the band, the genesis of the track, however, preceded the current pandemic.

Written during the summer of 2019 (well before the first COVID-19 cases were reported), the concept behind ‘Anti-Vaxxtermination’ was inspired by the ‘wellness’ community, which is notoriously anti-vaccine and promotes unproven treatments with unsubstantiated claims for several different diseases and ailments, often with the motive of profit by snake-oil salesmen. Diseases such as measles, which were virtually eradicated by the year 2000 in the U.S., rose drastically within the last 15 years, prompting a travel advisory warning for foreigners traveling in the United States. The idea of deadlier and severely crippling diseases returning unchecked came to mind, wiping out a majority of the population whilst humanity tears itself apart, resulting in vulnerability to existential threats. Unbeknownst to us that a global pandemic was right around the corner, we’ve unfortunately seen the continuation of the spread of anti-vaccine rhetoric.”