Full Album Premiere: Outre-Tombe ‘Abysse Mortifère’


Quebec City death metallers Outre-Tombe have their fulminated hearts in the right place. Since crawling out of burial vaults in the Cimetière Notre-Dame-de-Belmont in 2010, the Quebecoise have pummeled their way into underground infamy via two previous full-lengths Répurgation (2015) and Nécrovortex (2018). While the free-wheeling death mongers have kept their live profile relatively low, they’ve sown rotten seed with fans of Autopsy, Entombed, and Asphyx, their thirtysomething exuberance showing that spirit is the key to their rampaging, old-schooled styled death metal.

Indeed, Outre-Tombe‘s new album, Abysse Mortifère (Temple of Mystery), continues where Nécrovortex left a rotting leg in a Saint-Roch back alley. There, below dangerous drugged out psychos and blabbering lunatics, you’ll find nestled deep into the sewer’s wretched confines a guts-out, no-fixes death metal, the very kind that put Shitfun on the gross-out list and beyond all reason Indecent and Obscene on the British guillotine. From “Cenobytes” and “Exsangue” to “Nécrophage” and the opening title track, Abysse Mortifère rumbles, grunts, and beats the luxuries of modernity into the cessy mud. There should be a warning sign on Abysse Mortifère, but that would take all the enjoyment out of its offensive stench and barbarous attack.

Outre-Tombe grimace and offensively prate: “We recorded Abysse Mortifère almost entirely as a live session during lockdown last spring. It’s our most raw and primitive album, but we kept to our core sound as a band and tried to capture the essence of true old-school death metal. No mercy, no compromise, just sonic mayhem and macabre tales.”

Condone acts of the unspeakable and embrace the death with Outre-Tombe on Abysse Mortifère. If only all Mondays were as grotesque…

** Outre-Tombe’s mortifying new album, Abysse Mortifère, is out via Temple of Mystery on October 31, 2021. Pre-orders for LP (black – HERE), LP (diehard/red – HERE), CD (HERE), and digital (HERE). Buy or die in festering slime…