Album Premiere: Organic – ‘Where Graves Abound’

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The Alps are known for known for being the highest mountain range in southern Europe, stretching across eight countries. Their peaks and clear alpine lakes are popular destinations for hikers and campers. But one listen to Organic‘s old school death metal and you can picture the Alps as mountains of decaying corpses. One whiff of the riffs from the band’s new album (Where Graves Abound) could turn the lakes into contaminated cesspools. Decibel Magazine was granted permission to share the entire album two days ahead of its October 22nd release from Testimony Records. The album will be distributed by Cargo Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Shadow Kingdom Records (USA), and Season of Mist for the rest of the globe.

After a surprising choral opening, “Ropedragger” reveals the band’s battle plan: crusty buzzsaw riffs courtesy of Stockholm’s Swedeath campaign. The album cover’s war imagery (courtesy of Vladimir Chebakov) sets the tone for the trench rot ahead. “Schizophrenic Execution” features guitarist Benni Leiter’s savage melodies at Gatling gun speed. In “Fall, Rot” and “Caged in a Tomb,” drummer Lukas Hofer introduces some sly mosh beats to the fray. Throughout, vocalist Max Careri feels like he’s using the album cover’s helmeted skull as a microphone. His war-weathered growl commands each song as the guitars slice through steel and lay waste to circle pits.

Engineer Lukas Flarer of Sound Control Studio captured performances that are feral but disciplined. The album was mixed and mastered by Obey Mastering (Sweden), who allow the title track’s clean guitars room to resonate before mowing them down with the machine gun fire of “Die Schwandzdirn.” Where Graves Abound disturbs the tranquility of the Tyrolean Alps from the first chainsaw rev to the final stab of “Knives.”

Press play and sprint into the war-torn wasteland of Organic’s Where Graves Abound now.

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