Blast Worship: Stall

Where they from?
Cincinnati, Ohio. Facebook and Instagram shut down for six hours yesterday. I remember a similar scene at the end of The Cable Guy where Jim Carrey falls on a giant satellite dish that knocks out all the cable in the greater New York area and it cuts to some random dude in his apartment (played by Tenacious D’s Kyle Gas) and as soon as the cable cuts out he picks up a book and starts reading it. Yeah, my dumb ass did not do that. I just furiously kept refreshing for hours like a god damn chimpanzee. We are all robots and this is all a simulation.

Why the hype?
Man, it’s been a while since we covered a good old fashioned powerviolence band around these parts. I know I always say this but whenever I get frustrated with the current state of grind, I take a nice little extended vacation into the PV bowels of Bandcamp and am always delightfully surprised by how many of these bands don’t fuck around and play some ACTUAL BLAST BEATS.

This band is a great example of that. Whiney punk slams intermittent with high velocity blast parts. One of the things I like about powerviolence is the use of standard tunings and less distortion so you can actually tell what the guitarists are doing and damn, are they doing some cool things. Nothing like a chromatic, skronky noisefest juxtaposed over some airtight drums and….

Latest Release?
Stall (self-released) …THESE VOCALS! So many extreme metal/punk vocalists nowadays try too hard to stylize their shit so that they can sound like a gremlin or Joe from Family Guy. but here is just some guy yelling and it’s somehow heavier than all that other shit. It’s so angry and raw a pure, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume he’s yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN!” over and over.