Video Premiere: Bleach Everything — “Bound”

C’mon now.

You must have suspected a band that rages through songs such as “I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s on Film),” “Facehugger,” and “Witch, Please” was eventually gonna make a horror flick, right?

And so it has come to pass with the new interconnected videos for the Bleach Everything tracks “Bound” and “Cured.” In recognition of the crossover, Decibel is exclusively premiering the first part, “Bound,” below, and the horror movie mag Rue Morgue will simultaneously premiere the second part, “Cured,” here.)

So this is what we had to say about “Bound”/”Cured” when we premiered the tracks back in January:

In little more than two-and-a-half minute this pair of tracks somehow manages to call to mind the work of such wildly disparate bands as Husker Du, Integrity, My Bloody Valentine, Drive Like Jehu and more without losing the sneering heart and kinetic soul of Bleach Everything past. It’s a brilliant, condensed piece of transcendent avant punk that speaks to listeners on a more fundamental, primal level than ever before.

And here is what frontman Brent Eyestone has to say about the “Bound” video:

“‘Bound’ is part one of a two-part music video series we made with our friend Nath Milburn of Lil’ Baker Films. The first part finds all of us trapped in an old haunted house with the added terror of being isolated from one another. A demonic presence [Jenn Muse] stalks and toys with everyone’ psyche accordingly.

“We shot everything in a historic section of Redondo Beach, California using a vintage camcorder to mimic a lot of the direct-to-video creations that ourselves and Nath have enjoyed as horror and thriller fans for decades. It’s a treat to be able to share both these videos as part of most metal and horror fans’ favorite season.