Video Premiere: Chilling in the Meat Locker with Gorgatron’s “Frost Bitten Amputation”

Over the past few years, North Dakota’s Gorgatron have become renowned in underground circles for attaching awesome mini movies to lifestyle vignettes and selections from their death/grind discography, all done on a shoestring budget. First, from the band’s latest full-length Pathogenic Automation was the highly entertaining comedic gore spoof for “Imposter Syndrome.” Now, as the album cycle closes with the unfortunate cancellation of a planned fall tour — but the bright light being new material waiting in the wings for release via Bloodblast/Nuclear Blast — comes the second video from the band’s third album, “Frost Bitten Amputation,” one which will make you have second thoughts about driving alone through the rural outskirts of Fargo and cursing the heat of the hottest summer on record. Bassist Cameron Dewald gives us a scoop on the matter at hand:

“A suspenseful and gory ‘theatrical short’ for the song ‘Frost Bitten Amputation.’ This music video was put together by the same crew responsible for the mockumentary titled Beyond the Blastbeats, as well as the lead single/video ‘Impostor Syndrome’ from Gorgatron’s most recent album Pathogenic Automation. Over a two-day period, the band’s most brutal and fun video to date was captured featuring one crashed/destroyed vehicle, one murder van, one axe, one poor victim, low budget practical effects and a gruesomely awesome ending all mixed with the brutal sonic sounds of Gorgatron. Featuring Jaleel Castillo of Rottenness as the axe wielding killer and Angelica Contresceri as the killed.”

Check it out:

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