Track Premiere: Wharflurch – “Stoned Ape Apocalypse”

Wharflurch Band Photo

Death metal slime-slingers Wharflurch oozed out of Floridian swamps in the summer of 2019. Originally a recording project for two members of Hot Graves, the band released several EPs and split releases that turned heads and infected brain-meat. Now a full band, Wharflurch excels at rotten old-school death metal, imbued with lurking doom. But flourishes of cosmic psychedelia have hinted at the hell to come on their debut LP. Their Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell full-length will crash land in an Earthling bog on September 3rd. Personal Records will handle the CD edition, while their co-conspirators in Gurgling Gore will release the cassette. Gurgling Gore will also be releasing a limited edition tie-dye shirt for this single, so stay tuned to their accounts. Luckily, we have been gifted an exclusive premiere of their new single “Stoned Ape Apocalypse” for an early sample of this crushing release.

Haunted ambience from a different galaxy hypnotize and lull listeners before the first skull-crush of distortion. Once the riffs start in “Stoned Ape Apocalypse” they don’t stop until they pulverize anything with breath left in their lungs. Wharflurch hit their stride on this album with a gross and engrossing identity truly their own. After a slicing solo, the song’s conclusion blasts us back into outer space with psilocybin raging in our veins. Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell is a concept album about a psychic extraterrestrial spore determined to take over the planet. This track is the record’s gateway into that chaos. Picture the flick Color Out of Space as an Autopsy record, and you’re getting close.

“[This single] is a brain-battering anthem to accelerated evolution via ingestion of fungi, and how—seeing the way man has presently evolved—maybe it wasn’t such a great thing after all,” the band shares. “Another step in the bigger story contained within the album, this song serves as the transition from establishing the setting for the story into Psychedelic Hell. We are also quite proud to have our good friend—and likely live collaborator—Jamie Stewart from The Absence and Hot Graves featured on the slower section vocal, and the vocoder narration.”

Submit to the shrooms of doom and press play below. Wharflurch has also worked hard to build a sense of community during the pandemic. Tune in to their Wharflurch Wednesdays on Instagram.

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Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell