For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Karloff, Fetid Zombie, Tombstoner and “Tragedy”

What’s up, guys? It’s your old boy Waldo here to peck in with you guys about some new releases. You know, sometimes I review stuff that everyone is interested in. This time, not so much. There are many under-the-radar releases coming out, so for better or worse, here we go.

You are really going to call your band Karloff? I mean Boris is cool and all but. All of that aside, The Appearing is actually a pretty cool record. I mean, it’s not breaking any new boundaries, but it’s pretty rocking and fun. Self-described “raw obscure punk turns into blackness” isn’t too far off here. I dig it. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Holy Edge of Sanity, Batman! Here we have Fetid Zombie’s Transmutations on Transcending Obscurity. This is pretty cool, serviceable Swedish-sounding death metal. There’s nothing here that’s going to take anyone by surprise, but if you’re thinking, uh… Edge of Sanity, you got it. Hoarse, barked vocals, doom and death parts, sweet solos and some serious riffage here. Bonus points for 100% sounding like this slithered out of the ’90s. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Man, I’ve always wanted to review a band called Tombstoner, and here I am, FINALLY reviewing Victims of Vile Torture on Redefining Darkness. I feel that a lot of the OSDM bands have their own niche, but the reviews could be the same really. But here we go: This is OSDM, and although not 100% a throwback, they really harken back to the ’90s. The vocals are cool, and the riffs kinda kick ass. The problem here is the songs are a little long-winded and dull after five minutes. There is a small punk influence here, too, so there’s that. 6 Fucking Pecks.

What the hell, Napalm? You’re REALLY putting out a band called Tragedy (no, not the one most of you are thinking of.) Clearly tongue in cheek, Disco Balls To the Wall is an exercise in pure silliness. Think Turbonegro meets Steel Panther. Oh, and they just do covers. I guess someone somewhere thinks this is good idea. Not me. Also, do your research; there’s a well-established punk/crust band called Tragedy and they rule! 1 Fucking Peck (and that’s just because it’s kinda fun).

Well, until next time… Waldo out!