Blast Worship: Shitbrains

Where they from?
Los Angeles, California. I’m gonna be real honest here and say that these past few weeks I have been listening to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers (I know), and uh, man, do they sing about California a whole bunch. They talk about it almost as if they are like trying to compensate for something. They brag about being from California the way I would brag about my made-up girlfriend in high school. The only difference being that they sold millions of albums and I ended up going to prom alone and developing an Adderall addiction.

Why they hype?
OK, I’m just gonna say it, why is grind and powerviolence so fascinated with shit? Shit Life, Shitgrinder, Sea of Shit, Shitstorm, Sick Shit…WHAT THEE SHHIT IS GOING ON HERE? Prior to this most recent release, the last thing that Shitbrains did was a split with Brainshit, which is literally the same two shitty words as this band, just reversed.

But let’s not let all this shittiness distract us from the shit that is before us. This band is good. They play hyper-insane crust grind that reminds me a lot of the Czech Republic’s Controlled Existence, who you dedicated readers will remember as being one of the very first bands I ever covered in this shit-soaked series. Seriously, this band has a very European sound to them that should appeal to fans of all those U.K. bands like Lugubrious Children and Sulk whose mission is combine as many tempo changes as possible and razor-tight blasts with an inexhaustible sense of madcap madness.

Latest Release?
Split with SORDO. The last song on their side of the split, “Pharma” is a real roller coaster, almost bordering on Six Brew Bantha territory. And, man, does it end with one hell of a breakdown. Not like a metalcore breakdown, like a grindcore breakdown, like with flow and groove. It singlehandedly made me want to destroy the entire healthcare system in this country and replace it with something less… shitty.