Video Premiere: Praise The Plague – “Beyond”

Germany’s Praise The Plague are here to unleash a storm of melancholic rage on the Earth with their new album, The Obsidian Gate. And Decibel is here to open the skies for the first roars of thunder with the new video for “Beyond.” The song contains all the power and menace of death-doom, along with the atmosphere and rage of black metal. This is accompanied by a video filled with natural, dirty and destructive imagery. It’s the perfect nightmarish backdrop for the gloom summoned up by the excellent song.

Here’s how the band describes the themes that went into creating the album:

“We shroud ourselves in denial and lament, we create a shell to endure life. No certainty, we grasp every hope of stability, only to see it fade before our eyes. The Obsidian Gate is the awakening, and the never ending dream of a cycle we can only break once.”

The Obsidian Gate will come out on July 30 via Lifeforce Records. You can find pre-order information here.